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Mia writes stories to bring awareness, challenge readers intellectually and start a conversation. Her writing can be found in the forms of poetry, opera libretti, fiction, novella, short story and articles.  She is currently working on the 2nd draft of her psychological thriller novel.  

Below are some places her writing has been featured. 


In June 2021, Mia was trained as a librettist at the Really Spicy Opera Aria Institute! Each week, she was paired with a different composer to write a brand-new aria for soprano. She was given a writing prompt, specifically tailored to her writing interests and had the week to collaborate, and receive feedback before submitting by the end of the weekend. She wrote 3 arias. Her lyrics and music can be found below.

Below is a video clip of  "My Daughter and Me" from A Mother's Seed.

Composed by Sophie Matthieu. 

Amara Jimenez is a 40-year-old, single, independent career-driven woman, who after years of failed relationships and attempts at dating, decides to take motherhood in her own hands and shares this with her family. 

Other Soprano Arias Written by Mia:

 "My Voice is My Choice"

from The Last Audition

A woman who has just been told she has throat cancer and will no longer be able to sing, decides to defy the odds in her last audition in the world's most prestigious opera competition. 

"Cupid's Itch"

from Exposé

A journalist recollects her most defining dating moments in her memoir, revealing how her sex postitive lifestyle resulted in contracting "Cupid's Itch."

Leah showcase 1.png

Mia was asked to write 2 poems for Leah Brynski's showcase with Minnesota Opera in 2021. Her poems reflected Shakespeare's Ophelia from Hamlet.

Below are the two poems she created.

Leah Showcase 2.png

In 2020, Mia was a featured artist on the Un-American Blackbox website. She wrote two poems that explored what it meant to be American at a time when America faced a racial crisis in the global COVID-19 pandemic. The poems are:

They See My Skin As A Weapon




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